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“Hi Chip; Thank you so much for your DigiContracts.com online service! It is very thorough and allowed me to add enough of my specific requirements to have a successful business agreement….Thanks again for a job well done and for helping me select the best legal solution.”

Terry Fletcher, M.Ed., CMBA

“. . . Chip, I continue to get great compliments on the website legal documents on my website. I’m always tempted to take credit since I also have a Juris Doctor degree, but I always give you credit and try to get you a referral.”

Bob James, MD, JD, HealthwiseToday.com

“. . . thanks Chip. I love the service by the way. The wizard is really easy to use and the contract terms are right on.”

Justin Johnson, Founder & CEO, PumpScout

“Neat website you’ve got! Exactly what we needed for website legal compliance documents – quick and easy to use.”

Jen McClurg-Roth

“Wow! Wow! That’s all I can say about your online service. I’ve been all over the net and nothing even compares to the flexibility and language your contract generator provides for all angles running a software start-up. Also you are very helpful and available in selecting the correct, custom contract.”

Greg Venable, Information In Context

“DigiContracts.com has taken the pain out of many of our contracts. As subscribers to the Complete Library, we have found that there is an outstanding template for almost any of our needs. Coupling the DigiContracts.com with Chip’s firm’s outstanding understanding of the technology side of the legal arena, we feel confident we have made an outstanding decision for both contracts and legal advice. We really enjoy doing business with DigiContracts.com and appreciate their dedication to us as a customer.”

Will McFadyen, President & Chief Software Architect
McFadyen & Associates, Inc.

“Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Membership Agreement, Subscription Agreement, SaaS Agreement, DMCA Registrations, Disclaimers, IP Notices, etc. … We were looking for all these pieces to the website legal agreement puzzle. How does a small ecommerce business put all these online contracts together into an effective system for website legal compliance? Without it costing an arm and a leg! That’s what we faced when we discovered Chip’s site and his online contract drafting service. Chip’s system does all the work for you … it’s affordable, easy, and uncomplicated. A terrific value for small ecommerce businesses! Now, we’re confident we’ve addressed the latest issues for legal compliance and protection.”

Rick Kabra, CEO, Easy Soft, Inc.

“I am very happy with my decision to use Chip’s legal contract drafting services. The documents Chip produced exceeded my expectations, and the fast service, follow up, and ongoing support was phenomenal. I was most impressed with Chip’s knowledge of ecommerce law issues, which seems to be an area of expertise that most attorneys lack. I did extensive research before deciding to use Chip’s firm, and I found nothing that comes close to the outstanding value of his services. Whether you decide to use the automated “do-it-myself” online contract drafting service or the “do-it-for-me” service with Chip’s assistance, you will be in good hands.”

Kim Isaacs, Director, Advanced Career Systems

“It’s like having your own lawyer at a fraction of the cost. … easy-to-use browser-based Internet service that lets anyone create professional-quality legal documents. Just answer the straight-forward questions and in minutes you have your document. There’s nothing else quite like it!”

Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder, ™ C-NET

“Chip …the combination of your assistance and the ContractMaker service is a tremendous value… highly recommend both …regular forms can’t even come close to replicating the customized contracts that ContactMaker assembles for my requirements… a break-through service! The agreements are well written and sail through with our customer’s approval.”

Bruce Grantham, Application Interfacing Corporation

“Chip …the most readable, most sensible contracts I have ever come across. I love the service. Well done and keep it up.”

Steve Simpson, Cimarron Software, Inc.

“Chip, thanks for your quick response and help with my questions… It’s great to know there’s a real person backing up the service with assistance who is so responsive.”

Stephen Archer, Archer Analysis Pty. Ltd.

“I had exactly the same problem, but used digicontracts.com to overcome it… Chip put a lot of thought into this and I find it very flexible…Working great for us and inexpensive. I’m not a lawyer, but am a CPA and very familiar with what a good agreement looks like. This produces exactly that. Also, it produces an editable document and they also recommend how to manage revisions. btw, this is not a paid plug. I just happened to find something that was an amazingly good fit for us..”

As posted on the Legal forum, 4-24-05, SoftwareCEO.com

“…love your contracts – they rock! I think what you’ve done is great.”

Larry McVoy, CEO, BitMover, Inc.

“… decided to go with the Complete Contract Library … very good business decision… answered my questions promptly …highly recommend this service! I recommend your ContractMaker service for anyone who is interested in getting quality legal contracts designed by an experienced attorney, who understands the industry and at a fraction of the cost. A customer to whom we provide Network support had his own attorney review the contract and they were pleased; it is fair and protects both parties. As far as customer support goes, Cathy Cooper was very helpful.”

Nedy Blanchard, CompuLan Systems, Inc.

“Chip …just wanted to let you know that this is the best $499 I’ve spent. It’s saved me hours and probably thousands of dollars in legal fees apart from the loss of time. Thanks for your help.”

Euan G S Slidders, EasyReader International

“… a great service, extremely useful… I hate legal stuff, but you’ve created a site that makes it easy for me to draft contracts, contains pretty much every contract I’ve needed, and has reduced my legal costs. It now takes me less time to create a contract than it does to read one.”

Phil Schnyder, President & CEO, askSam Systems, Inc.

“Chip …the quality of the agreements it produces is extremely high… straightforward and easy to use. We had no trouble generating our first few agreements. We have also found the service to be useful for generating reference contracts that can be used to check and update the standard contracts we already have in place. We enthusiastically recommend the ContractMaker service to other ISVs.”

Todd Nakano, InfoExpress, Inc.

“Chip …just started using our ContractMaker subscription … already paid for itself. We highly recommend your ContractMaker service.”

Tom O’Neill, Upland Software, Inc.

“… so quick and easy-to-use… contracts are so well written and readable… already paid for itself many times over. A great tool for growing software companies!”

Ary Khatchikian, Indigo Solutions, Inc.

“Chip …very valuable for providing quick, accurate, legal agreements for Internet transactions. Just wanted to say thanks for your service. We also appreciate your adding new contracts frequently. I think you’ve covered just about everything.”

Ron Chesley, Chairman, SpectorSoft Cororation

“Chip …very pleased with the legal agreements …” Congratulations on the success of your ContractMaker service …”

Ken Leddick, Chairman, Learn.Net, Inc.

“… one of those ‘must have’ services particularly for growing software companies such as mine. With the ContractMaker service, I am in control of the contracting process and can quickly generate a broad range of licensing agreements in-house. I’m no longer paying for a lawyer’s time to draft the initial document. Consequently, the savings in legal costs paid for the program in the first usage. Even if all you need is just one contract a year, I’d highly recommend the ContractMaker service!”

Tim Harratine, President, Soft Solutions, Inc