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SaaS Agreements for end-user customers:

  • Website SaaS Agreement (Executed)
  • Website SaaS-Account-Membership Agreement (Click-Wrapped)

SaaS Reseller Agreements between vendors:

  • Web SaaS Reseller Agreement (Direct Login-Executed)
  • Web SaaS Reseller Agreement (Framing-Executed)
  • Web SaaS Reseller Agreement (Virtual Server-Executed)
  • Web SaaS Reseller Agreement (Virtual Desktop-Executed)
  • Web SaaS Reseller Agreement (Software on Reseller Server-Executed)

Important information regarding your SaaS Reseller Agreement:

  • Read my article regarding the different approaches for SaaS Reseller Agreements: Top 4 Strategies To Structure Your SaaS Reseller Agreement
  • The SaaS reseller agreements listed above provide clauses for new FTC Regs going into effect on 12-1-09; see my article: Cliffsnotes for Online Marketers To Avoid FTC Liability From Affiliates and Resellers

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