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Need it Right Now?

  • We can help if you need a SaaS agreement right now.
  • Our Rule-Based Document Assembly platform enables you to create a customized agreement quickly and easily.
  • All you do is answer questions raised by our intelligent Wizard. Help text guides you.
  • You’ll be able to get a quality first draft agreement to your attorney for immediate review.

The Best Fit?

  • Your overall objective is to reduce the contracting cycle while effectively managing your risk.
  • Your best fit will be determined by your customer profile.
  • The answer: the type of agreement they are most comfortable with.
  • Our online videos in the Members area will guide you through the selection process.

Click-Through, Enterprise, Or...?

  • Each method of presentation has its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Do you know the best approach for you?
  • Our online videos in the Members area will help you decide between these 2 methods, plus an hybrid method that utilizes the benefits of both methods.

SaaS Reseller Program?

  • Have you considered leveraging your marketing via a reseller program?
  • Our SaaS reseller agreements will be your primary tools for your document.
  • Our online videos in the Members area will explain the entire process for you. Plus, you'll get a description of the key clauses.

Data Security Program?

  • Data security is your area of greatest risk. How you manage this risk will be one of your most strategic decisions.
  • Encryption, Cyber Insurance, or a Combination?
  • Our online videos will help you decide the best strategy for managing your risk.

New Developments?

  • New developments in the SaaS field are coming at an increasing rate.
  • How are you planning to stay on top of cutting-edge new developments?
  • Our monthly, live strategy discussions will help you stay on top of new developments that impact your SaaS business.

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*$297 1st Year. $97 Per Year Thereafter Until You Cancel